About Me

I am a collection of all of my experiences, my memories, my beliefs, my choices, my actions, and my habits. I am also evolving and growing and now much more than I was 20 years ago or even 2 years ago.

In sharing more about my past and experiences that have contributed to who I am, I hope you are inspired to evolve with awareness of your inherent greatness.

I am an only child and my formative years were spent on a remote ranch nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to two loving albeit religious parents who barely spoke to each other. As such, I’m naturally shy, and can be somewhat awkward in some social settings.

This also lead me to be independent with a love for freedom and nature. More recently I have chosen to focus my energy and abilities on projects and endeavours that promote sustainability and are socially responsible. I believe we can end world hunger and see world peace by 2050.

Two questions that drive me are: What and How.

I’ve found that if I focus on these two, the who and the where always show up when, my thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions align. This is when I am vibrating with the same frequency as that which I desire. I’ve also learned that this is a lifelong process.

Like me, is joy one of your core desires? Often, unbeknownst to us, the early beliefs and habits we form at a young age, while helping us survive and working to keep us safe then, are now significantly hindering joy in our life.

I love helping people experience more joy and wellness in their lives. There are two teachers, those who teach and experience. We learn quickest from experience and often resist learning from those who teach. However, when we wait for experience to teach us certain things, there are often accompanying consequences that inflict a lot of pain in our lives.

What area of your life do you want to learn more in and cause growth in?

You can either search out teachers to gain understanding in this area now, or you can wait for experience to teach you what you need to know in order to have this desire manifest in your life.

I have learned that true independence, security, and freedom only comes from being my own boss. That is, being a business owner and developing assets that create non-linear income, also known as leveraged, residual, or recurring income.

As a coach, I have worked with a lot of people. Developing multiple streams of non-linear income requires a unique mindset. It takes time for people to adjust and people do in their own way. But they have to want it. Some people just don't have the willingness to tame their mind, in order to see their dreams manifest.

I love helping people remove mindsets and seeing them give themselves permission to experience more joy and wellness in their lives.

If that is something you desire in your life, I invite you to work with me.

My values are:

Social Responsibility and Sustainability has demonstrated over the last 20 years to not only be better for the planet, our home, but better for those businesses who make it a primary objective.

Non-linear Income is required to turn dreams into reality. By adding compounding returns and meditation to your daily habits, your possibilities are limitless.

Quantum Life and Love flow abundantly freeing those previously bound by limiting beliefs and oblivious to blind spots.

Playfulness and Proper Nutrition are meaningful and necessary for optimum health and happiness.